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Red Lake Tribal Justice Day
Red Lake Tribal Justice Day
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Powwow, April 18th

LIEC Meetings

about 1 year ago

By Michael Anderson

LIEC Meeting

Agenda - December, 12, 2018 

Change of Location due to funeral at the Onigum Community Center -Now  4:00pm at the High School

Michael Anderson, Director

·         The IEPP report for the Minnesota Department of Education State was complete and submitted on October 1, 2018.  All IEPP reports in the State of Minnesota were returned to the districts that have Native American populations.  WHA data is/was corrected by staff and confirmed by the state.  Our corrections are/were directly related to the number of Native American students who were on our records but left prior to the testing dates. Twenty-one students left WHA schools before March of 2018.

·         The Leech Lake Youth Leadership group is still on hold until the leech Lake Tribal Government confirms new leadership in program areas. 

·         K-12 Pizza Party for students with positive attendance and grades – Tuesday, December 11.

·         Continuing 506 document collection.

·         Several New students have joined WHA schools and are now on the Indian Education Caseload. A few have transferred out of the district. We are processing our new head count.


·         Mr. Rodney White and Michael Anderson met with the Director of Education for the Leech Lake Tribe.  Laurie Harper welcomed us to her office on Tuesday, November 27.

Visit from Justice Anne McKeig