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NJPA Teachers of Excellence
Please join us in congratulating Shannon Rivard and Paul Raddatz as NJPA Educators of Excellence.

They represented and made WHA proud. Congratulations Shannon and Paul.

NJPA Education Solutions recognizes the profound impact of educators and celebrate their work at the Teachers of
Excellence Awards Program. These educators were selected for their commitment to excellence and demonstration of
best practices and leadership in education, which has led to increased student learning.

High Reliability Schools Summit

about 1 year ago

High Reliability Schools Summit

WHA attended the High Reliability Schools Summit in Rockwall, TX July 5-8.  WHA will be working with Marzano Research in the upcoming months.  

Pictured with the WHA team is Dr. Phil Warrick of Marzano Research.

High Reliability Teacher 

WHA has four teachers who will be working with Dr. Robert Marzano on the High Reliability Teacher Pilot program throughout the next two years.

Pictured left to right: Melanie Leger, Karrie Ehlenfeldt, Dr. Robert Marzano, Shannon Rivard, and Natalie Asell

PLC Institute

about 1 year ago

Fourteen teachers and administration attended the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Institute July 24-26 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The three days were spent networking with teachers from across the country and listening to presentations by ten of the most sought-after educational consultants and practitioners in education.  Staff learned about the three big ideas of a PLC - a focus on learning, building a collaborative culture, and results orientation - to help transform WHA into a place where all students learn at high levels.  Pictured with the staff is Dr. Anthony Muhammad, who is one of education's leading experts in school culture and organizational climate. 

 Pictured are:(back row) Brian Marcus, Deb Fisher, Dorothy Underhill, Nancy Bruns, Ben Offerman, Darin Schultz, and NJPA Consultant Jackie Bruns. (front row) Courtney Carlson, Janelle Johnson, Jill McGowan, Dr. Anthony Muhammad, Cindy Larson, Kristen Bockovich, and Val Schultz.  Not pictured is Jody Keelin.  


By Karrie Ehlenfeldt