Special Ed Paraprofessional
Full Time Custodian
Summer EBT Program

Summer EBT will begin this summer for students who qualify under the directly certified free and reduced eligibility category. While everyone received free meals at school this year, a family would still need to have a categorically approved application or be directly certified through Medicaid, SNAP, TANF or MFIP/FDPIR in order to receive the Summer EBT funds. Even if you had a card from P-EBT (the EBT program that was run during the pandemic) you will be receiving a new S-EBT card. The school only facilitates this program by sending a list of eligible students to the state for procession, the S-EBT cards themselves are mailed from the state directly to the family; an incorrect address on file could prevent you from receiving a card. Only children that are enrolled in school are eligible. Homeschool and online students are not part of the school's submission, but rather qualify directly with the state if they have one of the eligibility statuses listed above (exception-Medicaid in some cases).

If you did not receive a letter from the school this year stating you were free/reduced eligible, but you think you would qualify, you can still fill out a household application and turn it in to the District Office. Deadlines for submission to receive benefits are May 31st and August 31st. After July 1st you would need to fill out the new 2024-2025 application that will be sent home in school packets this summer. If you have any questions please call the District Office at 218-547-4206.