About the WHA Secondary School

Walker-Hackensack-Akeley Secondary Schools (Middle School and High School) provides an exceptional,

small town education to the 370 students it serves in grades 6 th – 12 th . Through our work with Dr. Robert

Marzano in High Reliability Schools (HRS), we have earned a reputation as a safe and successful school.  

Our goal is to take the principles of best practices, apply them to learning, and provide students with

limitless opportunities to be college and career ready. Our small class sizes provide a relational

environment where we connect with students and are able to personalize their learning. In addition,

students are able to be an integral part of Walker-Hackensack-Akeley through the wealth of athletics,

activities, clubs and programs that bring a sense of belonging and accomplishment to them.

Our staff cares about our students. They know by providing a whole-student experience to our learners,

building positive relationships, and promoting a culture of success, our students will be prepared for