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In the Indian Education Program at Walker-Hackensack-Akeley Schools, our goal is to create an education experience for American Indian students that will lead to success in the future while maintaining a strong cultural foundation. Staff: Theresa Jordan - Cultural Liaison Stephanie Roy - Academic Paraprofessional Janelle Johnson - Director 218-547-4248

2020-2021 JOM- expenses eligible for reimbursement

*Native American Students - to receive JOM reimbursement funds, please complete the WHA ISD 113 JOM Indian Education Parent Committee Reimbursement/Payment Request form and attach Original PAID receipts **ACT-**preparation materials -$50.00 Exam Fee-$60.00 Chromebook Insurance - $30.00

What We Do

The Indian Education Program is a state and federally funded program designed to empower American Indian parents and students to find success in reaching their educational goals. Recognizing the many challenges facing American Indian children in the education arena, the Indian Education Program promotes parental and community participation to assist in identifying and finding solutions to these Challenges. The identified challenges and solutions will guide the direction of the Indian Education Program.

The Indian Education Program at WHA provides for:

Daily tutoring Academic and Career Counseling Special Education Coordination Student Advocacy for eligible American Indian Students The Indian Education Program will seek to promote cultural understanding and cooperation throughout the entire WHA education community for the benefit and success of all students while meeting the needs of the American Indian students.

Indian Education Staff
Hand drum making
Ojibwe Language Class
Beading Instruction
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